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oh so f.l.a.w.l e s s

living the d.r.e.a.m.s

5 November 1990
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FLAWLESS DREAMS >> my livejournal
Welcome to my Livejournal. My name is Alyssa and I'm a 16 year old from Michigan. I'll mainly use this as a place to post all of my icons and other graphics. Most of them will be General Hospital related, but I'll eventually spread out into other shows and movies. I try to remain very multi-fandom and create graphics of pairings and characters that I may not particularly like.

layout by rockstarculture
THE RULES >> follow them when taking graphics
001. Save
002. Comment
003. Credit
005. Do not edit any of my work.
INSPIRED BY >> all of the pretties
Julie Marie Berman Tamara Braun
Lindsay Lohan Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
General Hospital Jason/Sam [GH]
Patrick/Robin [GH] Rachel McAdams
Hayden Panettiere Keira Knightley & Orlando Bloom
Johnny Depp Devil Wears Prada
Danielle Panabaker Sophia Bush
CREDIT TO >> thank you some much
for the layout overrides